I never really liked poetry until I read Richard Brautigan. His poems are so GOOD. They are funny, sweet, smart and perfect.

 Read this:

Hopefully you are now going WHAATTTT? Are you for real? Is this really happening? Is this a POEM?? WHHHHAAA MIND BLOWN.


In 1968, Brautigan self-published a sweet poetry collection entitled Please Plant This Book. It was a series of folders with seed packets and poems on all the packets. He distributed it for free. There is a little online version of it here.

You can find most of his poems in THE PILL VERSUS THE SPRINGHILL MINE DISASTER. 
Also, all of his novels are amazing. I love THE ABORTION and THE HAWKLINE MONSTER.

SUMMER READING LIST. Good for picnic reading, poolside reading, and sunny armchair reading. 

Plus, all of his books are super cute. Good colors and design. I imagine coordinated outfits lining the bookcase.