Chandra Oppenheim is da cutest. 


"There's a girl named Kate and she thinks she's really great, but she's not"


From a recent interview with Fader: "So with “Kate”, I’m talking about a girl who I actually did go to school with and I knew she was going to hear the song and then I put her picture on the back of the record with me. The song is about being jealous of her so I was just saying “Well, I’m jealous of you and um, you know, I like you, I just wish I were more like you,” you know. She was excited about being in a song and on a record, so after that we became friends."

Why aren't all serious pop musicians 12 years old?  COOL BABIES

Above are a couple photos of Chandra doing a performance piece with her father, Dennis Oppenheim. Prettttttyyy cool. The first photo is called two-stage-transfer (returning to a past state) wherein Dennis draws on Chandra's back and she duplicates his movements on the wall and the second one is called two-stage-transfer (advancing to a future state) wherein Chandra draws on Dennis's back and he duplicates her movements. More information here and here. I am digging her stretchy waist baby light denim jeans and Patti Smith hair.

When Chandra was 10, Eugenie Diserio and Steven Alexander, friends of her father's, asked her to make music with them. They called themselves Chandra and the Dance and recorded a 4-song EP called Transportation in 1980. She wrote all the lyrics and melodies. They started performing in and out of New York. Chandra soon brought on a few of her tweenage friends to join her and formed the Chandra Dimension, they toured and recorded, but eventually school came first, rock stardom took a backseat and their EP was never released. Cantor Records recently released all of their songs on one record and it comes with a cute little booklet with words and photos.

Girl, play that melodica.

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  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I keep coming back to listen to her.