I have been at a loss for them lately. After playing a game of Beyond Balderdash on Sunday I decided that I only know how to make nonsense.


B. L. O. W. S.

Begin Learning Opening Windows Strategies

Business Leaders Open Winning Stores

These are obviously not the names of organizations. But my brain could barely think of coherent strings of words that starts with the letters. Lucky for me, nonsense is funny. I am mostly upset that the only word I know that starts with the letter O is open.

Another acronym:

S. P. M. A.

Special People Make Accidents

Society of Populist Metal Artisans

So the first one was obviously incoherent. The second was my only attempt at an actual acronym. I did not win.


Do you or does anyone you know suffer from BROKEN BRAINZ?



The transition from summer to fall in the Bay Area can be a troubling time. Just as I've prepared for the colds and the rains, hot days pop in to confuse and dehydrate me. I am wearing tiny sundresses by day and knitting scarves and berets by night.

What I long for is SWEATER WEATHER!

But look, what do we see here, a contest for who wears sweaters the best! YES!

I bring you MISS SWEATER GIRL of 1956.

In 1957, they introduced Mr. Sweater Guy to share the glory with the Miss Sweater Girls. Sponsored by the Wool Bureau and Knitted Outerwear Foundation.

Still dreaming of my perfect sweater for the fall: fuzzy, CROPPED and pastel colored. Once I have it, I will be sure to do this dance in it.