Valerie Solanas is infamous for shooting Andy Warhol. She was pissed that he wouldn't read her screenplay 'Up Your Ass'. Viva was on the phone with Andy at the time and thought the boys at the Factory were teasing her.  But it was no joke, Valerie decided enough was enough, "I just wanted him to pay attention to me. Talking to him was like talking to a chair." One amazing artifact to come from her hands, besides the scars on Andy's body, is the SCUM Manifesto.

Valerie is crazy. A lot of what she has to say is spot on. Some of her ideas are silly, BUT someone needed to write those words down -- FOR PROGRESS' SAKE.

Plus, women are obviously the coolest. Valerie Solanas gets that. If I was unlucky enough to be born in that time I may have had a lot more anger issues like her. Now we can be more focused on changing society to be more like the FEMALE (strong, empathetic, amazing). We need more female directors, more lady politicians, more women controlling the media through which we interact with the world.

Reading aloud parts of the SCUM manifesto on a first date is a sure way to make sure your date  A. is not a gender normative jerk B. has a sense of humor and C. loves you.

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  1. What prison is she in or did they think shooting Andy Warhol was more like theater than reality?