Vashti Bunyan is WONDERFUL. If you haven't seen From Here to Before, a documentary about her life and music, you should. Right now, walk outside and ask every person you see if they have it. "The internet doesn't have this film," you should shout at them.

I watched it a few years ago when it first came out. I was very sleepy that night, and as the film projected onto the screen, I was sinking into my darling's arms and Vashti's fairy music lulled me to sleep. We should all be so lucky to have such vulnerable moments in public. But now I am trying so very hard to find the film and relive her story of flitting in and out of the music business and hiding away in the countryside to raise babies and farm.

Vashti's Just Another Diamond Day was the soundtrack to my fairy birthday party this year, her and Donovan's A Gift From a Flower to a Garden. I wish I could have caravanned with her in a covered wagon through the hills of Scotland on the road to Donovan's hippie commune island.

If you want to frolic and play, listen to Just Another Diamond Day

She is such a GEM!


  1. God, I'm trying so hard to find it but it seems to be impossible! I wish a kind soul would upload it so that people who just find out about her music would appreciate the beautiful person she is :)

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