I knew nothing of the world of Oberon and Morning Glory Zell Ravenheart before this year. These crazy hippies believe in MAGIK and MAGIKAL CREATURES. Taking their real world doctoring skills and mixing with newly learned zoological skills (based on roadkill gleaning), they created a UNICORN from a baby Angora goat. AWWWW.  They delighted the Ren Fair crowds with their fantastical creatures. But the eighties were a tough time and money was tight. They decided to sell their unicorn, Lancelot, to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Sadly, their contract muddled physical and intellectual property and prevented them from ever creating another unicorn. They have one unicorn left, Oberon who was born in the mid-eighties. After he dies, there will be no unicorns left.

An old co-worker of mine made a lovely short film called "Oberon the Unicorn." It is good!

I am obsessed with this UNICORN WEBSITE. Screen shots below. The added cursor trails are the coolest. Six little unicorns follow your cursor where ever it goes.


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  1. Such sadness! Your Oberon the unicorn link no longer works!