Joan Didion

I finished Play It As It Lays, a delightful Didion novel, while in Montauk last week and picked up another one yesterday when I got back to California (The Last Thing He Wanted). I love her fiction. Bare with me while I admit this next truth about where my tastes lie, I am extremely partial to female authors and woman in general.  I bet this isn't a surprise, but I rarely hear this and I really like saying it loudly in the giddiest of voices. I LOVE reading books written by WOMEN

Back to Ms. Joan Didion, a year or two ago I picked up one of her novels from Counterpoint Books in LA (my favorite). I have heard that her style and subjects can be a bit bourgeois and off-putting to some, but I can't get enough of her slightly lost and depressed characters who have been through so much. They are pretty, eccentric, slightly horrible and I love them. 

Joan is such a babe. She is so smart and slight. She grew up in Sacramento, went to school at Berkeley and lived in LA (sound familiar?). She writes about places I know.

By the way, the photo of her blowing smoke outside of her car IS totally Maria (mar-eye-ah) from Play It As It Lays.

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