It's time for a few words from our beloved Queen of Montparnasse about her life in PARIS.

Chapter XX, 1922, FOUJITA

"I also posed for Foujita.

The thing that astonished him about me was the lack of hair on my sexual parts. He often used to come over and put his nose above the spot to seeif the hair hadn't started to sprout while I'd been posing. Then, he'd pipe up with that thin little voice of his: 'That's ve' funnyno hairs! Why your feet so dirty?'

I had a mania for going around in my bare feet and he'd forgotten to lay down any rugs!"

An excerpt from The Education of a French Model: Kiki's Memoirs.

I LOVE her. She is completely unpretentious and good.

No rugs, for shame! I find myself in similar situations often. How do one's feet get so dirty? Better yet, where does one find nice rugs?

The envy of all, Foujita was the first among artists in Montparnasse to have a bathtub with hot water. Perhaps he was nice enough to let her use it!

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