I have been asking my partner to screen Jacques Demy's Donkey Skin for such a long time now. On my birthday we finally watched it and it was wonderful. In films, as in life, I try not to set expectations, that way I allow myself to fall in love or detest freely, without remorse. Peau d'âne is MAGICAL and Catherine Deneuve is a DREAM.

I appreciate the morals against incest that this french fairy tale tells. I am sure the desire to marry your father is neatly squelched with this ditty!

I love that the rotting flesh of a freshly skinned donkey is so repulsive to everyone. I find her absolutely beautiful covered in the skin. The sets were to die for. Beds of moss, flowers and velvet, thrones of giant furry animals, servants of many colors, a jealous fairy godmother and statues of magical creatures, what is not to love? The perfect musical fairy tale brought to life by Demy.


  1. amazing! can just anyone rent this? laura, im so glad another girl loves fairy tales as much as i do!

  2. Yay! You will love this film, it's so dreamy. If you cast a spell at the video shop, I'm sure they'll let you have it!