The Day Nursery Association began in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1909. The Day Nursery still provides affordable day care for children of working mothers. 

What mother wouldn't want their child shushed and read to by sweet Mrs. Margaret Little during nap time?

"Did you ever stop to think — How hundreds of poor mothers in the city could go to work — How their children could get any “bringing up”  or any moral training — How women with small children and no help could do any shopping — If it were not for the Day Nursery?

Do You Know — That the Day Nursery boards a child from sun-up to sun-down, furnishing a noonday meal and a light lunch for 5 cents. –  That practically every child admitted to the Day Nursery gains on an average of two pounds a month. — That even spoiled and naughty children yield to the gentle discipline and refined atmosphere of the nursery and very soon become good little citizens. — That for many children of preschool age it is the only educational center." -Scranton Times, May 1921

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