I have always wanted a typeset drawer to display my trinkets. Antique shops tend to use them for the same curatorial purpose but never have them for sale. Last summer I bought one at a garage sale and as I went to clean the cobwebs I found a few extra typesets (OH YEAH).

My kitten likes to climb the drawer like a ladder. Sometimes my tchotchkes fall and I scramble to put them back up, away from her grasp. It wouldn't do to have our toys get mixed up.


  1. I love your trinkets, little baby mama love.

  2. Thanks, honey bear. Do you recognize our finds from Dead Horse Beach? The two tiny glass jars have changed significantly. The sea water in the white one evaporated completely leaving hardened white granules. Before it looked like a cotton fungus.

  3. I do recognize our finds! Especially that bit of bone you found.