Dear Tell Ya What,

I have a pair of earrings that consist of two small wooden spheres. They are wonderful, save for one thing: when I wear them my right ear lobe itches. Is it because I use an eraser to back the earring on that side? I lost the little metal part that should go with the right earring. I don't own any other earrings.

Itchy Lobe

Dear Itchy Lobe,

GET A NEW EAR LOBE. I like your earrings, but perhaps you should stop wearing them. I haven't worn earrings in years. Start wearing rings on your fingers, they won't itch you as much. Also, you could be ALLERGIC to erasers. I STRONGLY recommend going to a store with earrings and searching the ground for a little metal part. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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  1. Thanks Tell Ya What! You really did solve my problem.